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The Open Source Board Game is an open-source project run by SirLarryMouse.

The project's goal is to become a creative powerhouse, outputting a series of board games in a variety setting, styles, and gameplay.

To start off with, the project will focuse on a single game, which you can see here. This game will remain the focus of the Open Source Board Game project until it reaches version 1.0. We will then begin working on other games, while still maintaining and improving our previous projects.

The navigation sidebar will always link to the current game we are focusing on, as well as links to all previously developed games (past v1.0).

For each game, versions will be created periodically, and each version will be made available for download as a single PNP (print'n'play) package. Additionally, every x.0 version from 1.0 onwards will be converted to and sold as a physical game. You can visit the versions page here.