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The Cities of the Aeronauts is set in a parallel world, with a few major differences.


In the world of TCOTA, the primary form of transport is airship (blimps, dirigibles, ballons, etc.). The geography and terrain for the majority of the world are such that ground transport is not viable, meaning that, outside of cities, the only way to travel is by air. Thus, lighter-than-air vehicles became the predominant form of transport, despite their inherent slowness. The distances between suitable settlement locations combined with the slow travel times forced cities to be self-sufficient, able to survive and grow as a separate ecosystem, with no need for outside connection.

This forced isolation meant no unified governing system developed, each city ruling its territory in its own right. Outside of city limits, no overarching power rules, the only law there being the survival of the fittest. Merchant ships travel from city to city plying their wares, pirates plunder these rich vessels, and vigilante enforcers and private mercenaries protect the weak, the innocent, or those who can afford their services.


TCOTA is set in a period of exploration and discovery, as such, the entirety of the world has not yet been mapped. The main and, so far, the only continent in this world is the continent of Utadiu, which is surrounded by a vast sea. A new island was discovered by intrepid explorers, and some of the wealthier cities have sent settlement ships to this new land to expand their reach. This is the premise of the game.

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