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The Open Source Board Game project is a game building project; an incubator-of-sorts for open-source community-built board games.

We are currently building the initial game for this project, titled The Cities of the Aeronauts.

The sidebar lists the relevant links to the current in-progress game, from a general overview to the setting, pieces, rules and versions, as well as a link to a list of all games.

Versions for current games will be created periodically and provided as Print'N'Play (PNP) downloads, or, for each .0 version, purchasable as a complete set.

The Cities of the Aeronauts[edit]

The Cities of the Aeronauts is a resource management, city building, and conflict strategy game set in the fictional world of Utadiu. In it, players colonise and built a city in a new land, each aiming to become the first self-sufficient city in the region.

Overview - a holistic view of the game and its development direction

Setting - an in-depth look at the setting of the game, the politics, the technology, and any other worldbuilding

Pieces - an overview and list of the game pieces

Rules - the complete rule book for the game; from setup through to win conditions

Versions - There are no versions yet.