Combat Cards (TCOTA)

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Standard Cards
Card Name Damage Points Action Points Cost Wins Against Beaten By Qty. in Deck
Salvo 10 5 AP Evade, Board Cannon, Ram 7
Evade 0 15 AP Cannon, Ram, Board Salvo 3
Cannon 20 10 AP Salvo, Board Evade, Ram 4
Ram 15 10 AP Salvo, Cannon Evade, Board 2
Board 25 10 AP Ram Salvo, Evade, Cannon 2
Special Cards
Card Name Action Cost Prerequisites
Counter Salvo Matches a longer Combat Sequence with Salvos 10 AP + 5 Steel None
Evasive Maneuvers Reduces the opposing score by 25% 15 AP + 10 Gas Training Academy

Standard Cards[edit]


The Salvo is the standard attack card.





Special Cards[edit]

Counter Salvo[edit]

The Counter Salvo is a common special card that has no prerequisites apart from a cost of 5 steel. It is a great addition to your combat sequence when you are underpowered and don't have enough action points to build a sequence matching your opponent's.

The Counter Salvo, when played, matches an opponent's longer combat sequence with a series of salvos. When you run out of cards in your sequence, instead of your opponent placing the remainder of his pack onto the winning pile, he has to face off against a salvo for each card. This prevents an opponent with a longer combat sequence from stuffing the last cards of their sequence with high-powered attacks.

Win Matrix[edit]

Standard Cards
Player 1
Salvo Evade Cannon Ram Board
Player 2 Salvo Draw Player 2 Player 1 Player 1 Player 2
Evade Player 1 Draw Player 2 Player 2 Player 2
Cannon Player 2 Player 1 Draw Player 1 Player 2
Ram Player 2 Player 1 Player 2 Draw Player 1
Board Player 1 Player 1 Player 1 Player 2 Draw